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AB Forge

Craftsman, Fine Knives, 
Forged Steel, Handmade Fittings


AB Forge is a single handed maker of fine knives. The patterned steel used is forged and folded in a small forge. Using bronze, brass, copper, and horn, fittings are made by hand. All leather work is also handmade.

Nordic single edge blade and sheath

Based in the small West Sussex town of Shoreham-by-Sea, Andrew works from a modest workshop to produce a wide variety of knives; utility, kitchen and bushcraft knives, some re-enactment pieces as well as miscellaneous articles such as bangles, Mjölnir necklaces, metal scribes and kiridashi marking knives for woodworkers. Here are some of my past pieces.

Butcher, Bowie and Bushcraft knives
Bushcraft Knife in damscus and walnut
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