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AB Forge specialises in creating handcrafted, high quality knives. Forged from either premium monosteels or from folded and twisted patterned steels that I make in-house, in my small forge.


My earliest memory of any knife was as a toddler. I was probably about two years old. I found and was playing with a pen knife. I cut myself! I don't remember any pain, just my Mother's dramatic reaction and sense of an exotic drama has persisted.

I was privileged to grow up abroad in the late 1950's and early 1960's, in a wild and wonderful environment where a pocket knife was an essential item. We call them EDC's nowadays, the Every Day Carry! (Much later, I inherited what I came to know as my grandfather's 'smokers companion'. Proudly Sheffield-made and a remarkable little tool, that was an early inspiration for clever design).

Since then (well, as soon as I was allowed), I've had a knife in my pocket, on my belt or on my kitchen chopping board.

A decade ago, I started by putting handles on other craftsmen's blades, but soon felt that I wanted to make the whole process..... steel blending, forging, shaping, grinding, leatherwork, and other mixed media.

At AB Forge, I believe in the value of creativity, skill, and hard work. My values are based on a respect for the traditions of knife-making running alongside new and interesting techniques. 

I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the rich history of knife-making and where possible, I will use heritage materials. For example, I try mainly to use UK sourced hardwoods or other sustainable sources. While not always possible, this approach starts with an intent.

I collaborate closely with my clients, drawing on their unique ideas and needs to create a knife that is truly one-of-a-kind. I create with intention, always striving to make the best possible knife.


AB Forge is run by me, Andrew, a single-handed craftsman who is dedicated to the art of knife-making.

With over a decade of experience and a broad knowledge of materials and techniques, I create each knife by hand, from start to finish.

My aim is improve my skills in leatherworking and woodworking, ensuring that every aspect of the knife is crafted to perfection.

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